Bye 2010!

Even though today is technically just another day, I cannot help but get caught up in this "end of the year" mentality. It seems when I wake up tomorrow, it will almost be as if the slate is just a little bit more clear. Even if it is just in everyone's heads. In light of some recent events I also cannot help but feel a little wistful, but hopeful with the coming of the new year.

We are about an hour from 2011 in my neck of the woods. In review, 2010 was pretty damn good. I was not able to crochet as much as I wanted, but the projects I did complete turned out well. Here is to a new year and new projects!

My goals for 2011 include:
- Designing more amigurumi (of fictional characters and otherwise)
- Shaking off the last two years of undergrad that have assumed the form of lbs >.<
- Crocheting my first top after said weight is lost (as a reward/way to save yarn!)

My studies resume again in January. It will only be one class to start off with, so I hope to get some crocheting in every day, even if it is just a few rows/rounds/whatever. When midnight comes around I intend to be crocheting with some of the yarn my secret Santa got me. I just need to find a quick project to work up!

I hope everyone is doing something fun and safe tonight, crochet-related and otherwise!


Merry Christmas!

A happy holidays to you and yours!

Sorry I have been away for so long. My commitment has recently been re-focused on crocheting. Perhaps blogging will follow as a result ^_^;

Have fun, and be safe!



We got the house!!

Crocheting is expected to resume soon, but there will be more dish cloths than anything else.

I have struck a deal of sorts with my brother regarding amigurumi designs and production, but that is another post for another time.

I finally brought Sanji back home to use as a model for my other experiments, but I never got around to whipping out the yarn and he has been laying on our bedside table ever since.

I would post pics but the camera died -_-;


Another measly update

Still waiting to get a house. We put a bid on a different house this time (a non-short sale that does not involve an indecisive bank). Our offer was accepted and now we are just working on jumping through financing hoops.

I started to crochet a potholder/dish towel thingie at work today. Who has good ideas for crochet household items?



Yeah, no new crochet news. There is other news, however.

My husband and I have made an offer for a townhouse! We are excited (and I am ready to throw up). It is a short sale, so it could get complicated. But the house is 30 days out from foreclosure, so hopefully the ball will get rolling soon.

And I will have plenty of storage space for my yarn stash!

So, sorry. Boring post. I will make up for it (hopefully from my new house!).


UUARGH! (The frustrations of short amigurumi memory)

So here I am, working on my next installation of the One Piece amigurumi series and it hits me: I didn't write down the instructions for how I created Sanji's legs and feet.

I spent some time going through my "Crochet Help" folder to see if there was anything in there to jog my memory, and I got nothing. To top it off, I left Sanji at work (he is decorating my cubicle along with Onigiri and the alien).

I will have to complete what I can of the current ami, and remember to bring Sanji home so I can study his legs (hmm, sounds slightly suggestive and fangirlish of me, doesn't it?).

This post is made in lieu of actual project pictures. Apologies all around.


Project Revealed! (kinda): One Piece, and Flunked Sackboys

So, I gave some clues a while back about some grand crochet project. What were they again? Pirates, avatar, and something else (yeah, you think I would re-read my own posts). I present to you this!

**Sanji** from One Piece!

I originally set out to make the entire Straw Hat Pirates in Sackboy form (from Little Big Planet), but there were so many versions of the Sackboy out there already that I abandoned that partway through and just decided to give Sanji a huge freakish head instead. I have a much smaller version of Zoro that was created out of my first attempts, but he just will not photograph well tonight, so I will have to show him another time.

Sanji's hair is crazy thick and I had quite the time trying to get the shape as accurately as I could. I may have to trim some more tomorrow. And I had a hell of a time trying to make a felt double breasted jacket (still am)!

Is anyone out there good with making doll clothes? I need tips!!

So this is what I am working on. I hope to do a "Zoro-gurumi" on this scale and in this style soon and add more crew members from there. I expect that Chopper will be the biggest challenge of the bunch.

The job starts on Monday. I am happy to be employed, but am struggling with the fear that I will somehow lose the job. It is not like I plan on showing up strung out on meth and stabbing my supervisor with a crochet hook anytime soon. I think I have just spent so long in school and plugging away at internships, and was so fortunate to be offered this job especially considering the economy that I fear losing it. Gah!

Maybe I should make **Luffy** next. He would not be afraid!

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