Bye 2010!

Even though today is technically just another day, I cannot help but get caught up in this "end of the year" mentality. It seems when I wake up tomorrow, it will almost be as if the slate is just a little bit more clear. Even if it is just in everyone's heads. In light of some recent events I also cannot help but feel a little wistful, but hopeful with the coming of the new year.

We are about an hour from 2011 in my neck of the woods. In review, 2010 was pretty damn good. I was not able to crochet as much as I wanted, but the projects I did complete turned out well. Here is to a new year and new projects!

My goals for 2011 include:
- Designing more amigurumi (of fictional characters and otherwise)
- Shaking off the last two years of undergrad that have assumed the form of lbs >.<
- Crocheting my first top after said weight is lost (as a reward/way to save yarn!)

My studies resume again in January. It will only be one class to start off with, so I hope to get some crocheting in every day, even if it is just a few rows/rounds/whatever. When midnight comes around I intend to be crocheting with some of the yarn my secret Santa got me. I just need to find a quick project to work up!

I hope everyone is doing something fun and safe tonight, crochet-related and otherwise!

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  1. Sound like worthy goals :) Here's wishing you and your loved ones a great 2011!


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