Project Revealed! (kinda): One Piece, and Flunked Sackboys

So, I gave some clues a while back about some grand crochet project. What were they again? Pirates, avatar, and something else (yeah, you think I would re-read my own posts). I present to you this!

**Sanji** from One Piece!

I originally set out to make the entire Straw Hat Pirates in Sackboy form (from Little Big Planet), but there were so many versions of the Sackboy out there already that I abandoned that partway through and just decided to give Sanji a huge freakish head instead. I have a much smaller version of Zoro that was created out of my first attempts, but he just will not photograph well tonight, so I will have to show him another time.

Sanji's hair is crazy thick and I had quite the time trying to get the shape as accurately as I could. I may have to trim some more tomorrow. And I had a hell of a time trying to make a felt double breasted jacket (still am)!

Is anyone out there good with making doll clothes? I need tips!!

So this is what I am working on. I hope to do a "Zoro-gurumi" on this scale and in this style soon and add more crew members from there. I expect that Chopper will be the biggest challenge of the bunch.

The job starts on Monday. I am happy to be employed, but am struggling with the fear that I will somehow lose the job. It is not like I plan on showing up strung out on meth and stabbing my supervisor with a crochet hook anytime soon. I think I have just spent so long in school and plugging away at internships, and was so fortunate to be offered this job especially considering the economy that I fear losing it. Gah!

Maybe I should make **Luffy** next. He would not be afraid!

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  1. I am loving the new doll, it is a shape I don't see very often which is nice ^_^. Plus, his little arms are adorable! How big is it?

    Also! Thanks so much for the beholder pattern, I think I might try making one myself - I will post it on my blog when it is done.


  2. I really like how you did the hair, so cute!


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